Our vision for MCTEF is to play a critical supporting role in the efforts Montgomery County Tennis Association (MCTA) to introduce tennis, or expand tennis playing opportunities, to all youth in Montgomery County. By reaching out to MCTA members; the broader tennis-playing community; and to grant-making corporations, foundations, or governmental entities who share our vision, MCTEF strives to generate additional resources to support relevant tennis and mentoring programming in public parks, schools, and camps.


Message from the President

I am excited to serve as the President of the Montgomery County Tennis and Education Foundation (MCTEF) and to be part of an organization which has done such good for so many through a sport which has been an important part of my life. For the past 12 years, MCTEF has engaged hundreds of local youth and young adults through After School Tennis Clubs in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods, Special Olympics, and scholarships for both Tennis and Enrichment Camp and Jr. Team Tennis.  Our goals are to reach out to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to play tennis; instill the values of discipline, leadership, and good sportsmanship; and provide these young players with opportunities to fully develop their tennis skills so they can derive a life time of enjoyment from the sport – regardless of income, race, gender, or physical disability. In 2015, MCTEF expanded support into other tennis-related community programs and championing Junior Team Tennis (JTT), a team-oriented competitive outlet for kids. We will continue to evaluate  other programs going forward as we look to expand our influence in Montgomery County. Our efforts take time and money.  If you share our passion for tennis and community service, I ask that you learn more about us, and then consider either getting involved or making a contribution.  With your help, the possibilities are endless. Thanks for your support!

Paul Sommers, MCTEF President

Meet the MCTEF Board of Directors

Paul Sommers



Frank Hatten


Vice President and Treasurer

Sandra Butler


Program Director

Susie Barnello


Marc Witowski

Darrell Haines

David Latimer


Darrell Haines



Corporate or foundation support is invited for all MCTEF activities and programs. We offer various sponsor packages, ranging from title sponsorship of  programs to purchases of individual Scholarships to pay the cost of program participation for youth who otherwise could not afford to participate. Sponsor benefits vary with the package selected. For more information about corporate sponsorship packages, please Contact Us.